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Jan 27, 2010

Give Mars a warm welcome in the neighbourhood!

Today, January 27th, Mars is at its closest distance from Earth, which in astronomical terms means no less than 99.333.072 km! You can see the Red Planet with the naked eye if you look in the Cancer constellation.

Every 2 years and 6 months, Mars comes at its closest distance to Earth, from where one can see it in the opposite direction of the Sun. This astronomical event is called opposition of a planet. See bellow for the evolution of the way Mars is seen as it approaches Earth.

For more information in Romanian language you can also visit the website of the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest.

Several countries in the world have joined an international project that aims to show to the people the beauty of the Red Planet. Astronomers Without Borders and Sidewalk Astronomers invite you to say "Hello, Red Planet!"

Among the countries that are participating is Romania with an event organised at Targoviste by SARM. Check the enire country list to see if you are lucky to wonder at the beauty of Mars!

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