There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of desert sand on Earth


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Apr 29, 2010

The Universe Is That Large...

The Known Universe was developed by The American Museum of Natural History in partnership with Rubin Museum of Art.

And to reiterate its exactness:

This film shows the known universe as mapped through astronomical observations. Every satellite, moon, planet, star, galaxy is represented to scale and in its correct, measured location.

If you're in Bucharest, you can live such experience, accompanied by live explanations, at the Astronomical Observatory "Amiral Vasile Urseanu". Here's a trailer of the presentation that is held every Friday and Saturday night.

Programul de planetariu de vineri si sambata seara from Adrian Sonka on Vimeo.

Apr 16, 2010

A talk from a SPACE MAN

By Lee Pullen

Oana and I, Queen and King of Campus Party, are now blogging live from the front line. So speak. But first here’s a brief synopsis of the previous evening’s discoveries.
This is “Zone Camping”. Please, Sir, could you point me toward “Zone Five Star Hotel?”

Read the rest of the adventures on the GAM blog.

Not even Madrid is safe from GAM...

By Lee Pullen

Hola from Espania! Or whatever they call Spain in Spain. Oana and I are spreading the GAM gospel far and wide. Well, as far and wide as Campus Party Europe, a.k.a GEEKFEST 2010. This display of talent and innovation in Madrid sees "800 young people from the 27 European Union countries participate in activities, conferences and challenges." I'm very glad to still be considered a "young person".

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Apr 12, 2010

Star of GAM Enters Spotlights

Global Astronomy Month had to have its own VIP star endorsing the event. We went big and invited the best-known star of all time, the closest star to us in the entire Universe - the Sun!

April 11 is a big day for the Sun as it comes under the spotlight during Sun Day! The day also marks the beginning of an entire week dedicated to our star - Solar Week. Read more.