There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of desert sand on Earth


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Jan 27, 2010

Give Mars a warm welcome in the neighbourhood!

Today, January 27th, Mars is at its closest distance from Earth, which in astronomical terms means no less than 99.333.072 km! You can see the Red Planet with the naked eye if you look in the Cancer constellation.

Every 2 years and 6 months, Mars comes at its closest distance to Earth, from where one can see it in the opposite direction of the Sun. This astronomical event is called opposition of a planet. See bellow for the evolution of the way Mars is seen as it approaches Earth.

For more information in Romanian language you can also visit the website of the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest.

Several countries in the world have joined an international project that aims to show to the people the beauty of the Red Planet. Astronomers Without Borders and Sidewalk Astronomers invite you to say "Hello, Red Planet!"

Among the countries that are participating is Romania with an event organised at Targoviste by SARM. Check the enire country list to see if you are lucky to wonder at the beauty of Mars!

Jan 24, 2010

One Moon for the first month of the year

O Luna pentru prima luna din an!

2010 has been around for not even a month and yet has brought about so many exciting events, projects, people! So exciting that I've been kept away from all internet connections - facebook, twitter, blog. But it sure was worth it! Until I manage to put all things into order and get back to the virtual track, I leave you with this absolutely amazing picture of the Moon, taken by Michael White on November 2009. The photo is a lunar mosaic of four images stiched together. Enjoy!

Jan 8, 2010

Open Call for Romanian Amateur Astronomers

After evaluating the results of our work during 2009 regarding promoting astronomy to the general public, members of the Astronomy Club in Bucharest (Astroclubul Bucuresti), Romania decided to meet and share their more scientifical efforts.

As a result, the Romanian Amateur Astronomers 2010 Conference will take place at the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest, on January 30 with the aim to give amateur astronomers the opportunity to present their results, share their knowledge with others and meet other amateurs interrested in similar topics.

Those who wish to participate have to send an abstract with the resume of their presentation until January, 20. The categories for presentations are:
-astronomical observations with scientific relevance
-astronomical instruments - manufacture, improvements etc.
-astrophotography and astronomical drawings

Read more detalils here!
I hope to see as many of you there!

Jan 4, 2010

Global Astronomy Month

After the tremendous success of 100 Hours of Astronomy, astronomers all over the world said "It was fantastic. Let's do it again!" and so the Global Astronomy Month was born.

The event aims to recreate the huge impact that the International Year of Astronomy 2009 had regarding bringing astronomy to the general public. It will be celebrated this April by astronomy clubs, observatories and planetariums in all corners of the world. The extended period of time will give the opportunity to dodge weather surprises by just rescheduling the planned activities. Moreoever, the intensified communication between organisers will give the chance to inspire oneself from others idea in real time.

More info on the official website.

One people, one sky