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Feb 1, 2010

Desenul Astronomic/ Astronomic Drawings

On Saturday, January 30, the Romanian Amateur Astronomers Conference took place in Bucharest. Organised by Astroclubul Bucuresti it aimed to gather amateur astronomers to present their scientific results and observations during IYA2009.

For a group of people living in the light-polluted Bucharest, a quite impressive number of presentations were submitted. We had three major categories: scientific observations, telescope manufacture and astrophotography & drawings, all of which included topics such as: photometry, PHEMU, Lunar oculatations, variable stars and observations on Epsilon Aurigae, solar observations, video observations at meteor showers, manufacture of telescopes, the briefcase mount (!), the micromount, automatic telescopes, astrophotgraphy and astrophotography with DSLR, astronomic drawings.

The last one was done by me and you can see bellow here an attempt to make amateur astronomers turn back to drawings alonside with astrophotography! The presentation is in Romanian, but my very modest drawings are universal language :P


  1. Frumos si romantic. Ai dreptate in pretinsa ,,lipsa de timp" putin mai fac desen astronomic. Odata o reportera l-a intrebat pe Isac Asimov care crede ca va fi suportul informational al viitorului? A raspuns simplu: Cartea!
    De ce? Ferita se distruge in 5 ani, banda magnetica in 50-60 de ani CD-urile in 20 etc. hartii inca exista de vreo 4 mii de ani. Multumim pentru prezentare.

  2. Wow! What more can I say? Wow! Love your drawings Oana...very, very lovely!
    Clear skies!
    Mike White

  3. Cu placere, Florian. Desenul astronomic e unul dintre preferatele mele. Poate ca rezultatele nu sunt intotdeauna reusite sau impresionante, dar gasirea obiectului si desenatul in sine sunt ceva fantastic! Si de acest fantastic am vrut sa aduc aminte :)

  4. Hey, Mike!

    Glad you like them! And happy that you went through all the incomprehensible slides until the ones with drawings :P

  5. Hei Oana!!!
    Prezentare fără diacritice?

  6. @Astro Macul meu n-a invatat inca diacritice :P:P:P

  7. Şi eu tot mac am şi se descurcă chiar mai bine la diacritice.

  8. Tre sa imi spui cum!
    Eu inca invat sa-l folosesc :)