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Dec 9, 2009

Science needs women

Back in 1998, L'Oreal did a very strategic step. The company found a platform with a belief behind and decided to support it constantly in order to show "corporate goodness". It alied with UNESCO and develop the "For Women in Science" partenership.

The long term campaign aimes at promoting women in scientific research. One of the campaign programs is the L'Oreal and UNEWSCO Awards, which are consacrating excellence in science.

Here are the nominations for 2010.

The initiative to support women in science found another supporter in 2009 when the International Year of Astronomy settled the cornerstone project "She is an astronomer". The project encouraged women all over the world that are passionate about astronomy to stand out and prove to people that astronomy is for women as much as it is for men.

In Romania, Astroclubul Bucuresti organised an event in the capital city of Romania with conferences, solar observations and tokens of spring for the 8 of March - Mother's Day. Read more about the event that took place at Bucharest and in whole Romania on the International Year of Astronomy website.

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