There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of desert sand on Earth


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Dec 9, 2009

Book your place in space... the slogan of Virgin Galactic, the World’s first commercial space line providing private sector access to space.

SpaceShipTwo - the first manned commercial spaceshift - was revealed to the world on Monday, December 7. First tests will be done in early 2010, and in 2011 we will have the first travels.

So, if you're planning an astronomical holiday for 2011, book your ticket. And if they happen to have a 1+1 free promotion, consider me :)


  1. Wow... this is cool.. maybe I should start saving some cash.. :)

  2. now you can sing "I'll travel to the moon and back if.." and realy do it... literally :)

  3. @Thilina I have already started :P
    @ ZeXe :))) correct!

    P.S. sorry for delayed replies. I still have to set the blog to announce me for comments :P