There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of desert sand on Earth


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Mar 13, 2010

Just three more weeks until Global Astronomy Month kicks off. Are your scopes ready to star party?

If you’re still unsure about what to do this time, we have ten super programs to inspire you!

How cool would it be if you could chat with some of the Living Legends of astronomy out there? Way cool.
We thought the same, and there you have Living Legends Series, an online program that connects you with some of the most fascinating people in astronomy. Stay in touch to see who will be the first!

From worldwide know astronomers we move to unknown Earth-like planets. There are 450 planets discovered outside our Solar System, and you will have the chance to observe one during our remote event “Is There Anybody Out There?

Talking about planets that revolve around similar Suns, we cannot leave our own star aside. April, 11 is SunDay, so make sure you’re out there watching it. The more we schedule a meeting with it, the more chances it will finally prepare some spots or solar turbulence for us :)

If the Sun has deprived us of its spots for quite a while now, Saturn turned its rings edge-on, making them almost invisible during the last months. We loved the sight, but it’s time Saturn shows its entire beauty again. From 12 to 16 April we have the go for Saturn Watch, five days which end with a Beauty Without Borders event dedicated to the Lord of the Rings.

If rings are Saturn’s personal signature, what if you could Write Your Name in the Sky? All it takes is to discover an asteroid, so make sure you join our remote event where we hunt for these mysterious travelers!

But you don’t have to be an asteroid to be mysterious. Our close neighbor, the Moon, still hides its dark face from us. However, the one that we do see never stops to fascinate us. So get your scopes out there between 17 and 23 April for Lunar Week!

Oh, you don’t have a scope yet? Not to worry. Your eyes will be enough equipment to assist to one of the most impressive shows of the Universe – meteor showers! Dress warmly and scan the sky for the beautiful Lyrids between 21 and 22 April.

Make sure you get out of town though. Light pollution will surely prevent you from seeing this show right from your home. We know, it’s rather annoying - going miles away to enjoy the sky above, when we all, astronomers or not, should have the right to a starry night. If you share our view, join us in claiming “One Star at the Time” and pledge to preserve and protect the patch of sky above your home or work place.

Having done all this, we sure deserve a party, a Global Star Party. 24 of April is the date to remember. We will all join together to admire the stars as One People under One Sky!

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