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Oct 22, 2009

Galilean night with a cup of hot tea and a journey to Jupiter

Galileen Nights, the last cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy is about to begin, but weather doesn't seem to be on our side. However, this has not discouraged amateur astronomers in Bucharest! They decided to warm astronomy passionates with hot tea, informal lectures about Galileo Galilei and a virtual journey to Jupiter.

The Astronomical Observatory „Amiral Vasile Urseanu” and Astroclubul Bucureşti, the first astronomy club in Bucharest, are waiting all those interested in astronomy to enjoy a cup of tea and a discussion about Galileo and his importance to astronomy. With the help of a special software, astronomers will then take paricipants to a virtual journey to Jupiter, one of the objects Galileo observed.

The warm meeting takes place Friday, 23rd October, at the Astronomical Observatory - Blv. Lascar Catargiu no 21 (between Piata Romana and Piata Victoriei). Participants are expected every hour, during 20:00 and 24:00 and they will have free entrance.

So...don't let the weather scare you! Join us for an astronomical tea party :)

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