There are more stars in the universe than all the grains of desert sand on Earth


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Nov 17, 2010

I've Moved to Astronomy Communication and Outreach on Wordpress!

I trained as a Communicator and Public Relations Consultant during the day, while I enjoyed astronomy and observing the sky during the night. At some point, I’ve started combining the both and the result was astronomy communication or better said outreach. Taking communication ideas, concepts and practices and shape them to bring astronomy closer to people fascinates me. My new blog Astronomy Communication and Outreach on Wordpress is an attempt to share that fascination with you.

Whether you are a communicator, a science writer, a public information officer, an amateur astronomer or enthusiast willing to share your passion, I’m hoping you will find on this blog some ideas on how to interact more closely with the public and inspire people to look up to the sky. I also hope the posts to be an incentive for idea exchanges on how we can better communicate astronomy with the public.
Check it out!